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Method for Advanced Users


How to use the DAO COM object from Dexterity sanScript to retrieve values from a DAO recordset?


The following sample code uses a DSN to connect to Access database.
It then retrieves the
two fields/columns for every row and displays them to the screen.
The Data Access Objects (DAO)
library was marked in the Libraries section in Dexterity.
The table is named MyTable and there are
two columns of type string in the table; ID and Name.
The connection string and information would be different if you are connecting to a different kind of database,
however the methods used to access table/column information would be the same.

local DAO.Workspace wrkJetWrkSpc;
local DAO.Database dbConnect;
local DAO.DBEngine dbengine;
local DAO.Recordset RcrdSt;
local text SQLStr;

SQLStr = "select * from myTable";

dbengine=new DAO.DBEngine();

wrkJetWrkSpc = dbengine.CreateWorkspace("NewODBCWorkspace", "", "", DAO.dbUseODBC);
dbConnect = wrkJetWrkSpc.OpenDatabase("Test", DAO.dbDriverComplete, false, "ODBC;DSN=AccessDB");

RcrdSt = dbConnect.OpenRecordset(SQLStr, DAO.dbOpenDynamic, DAO.dbExecDirect, DAO.dbOptimistic);

while not RcrdSt.EOF do

can access the field by name or position
warning str(RcrdSt.Fields[].Item["ID"].Value) + " " + str(RcrdSt.Fields[].Item[1].Value);


end while;
end try;

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