Northern India, these very words conjures up the images of majestic Himalayas, the sprawling Indo-Gangetic plains and the sand dunes of Thar desert. The Himalayas spread across the states of Uttarakhand, Himachal Pradesh and Jammu and Kashmir and the Thar Desert encompasses the state of Rajasthan adding to the beckoning combination for the travellers.

Having known what encompasses the Northern India, it is very easy to fathom the reasons that make this region a coveted tourism destination. Right from the snow-peaked mountains that have given this area so many wonderful hill stations and skiing resorts, to the wilderness areas that sprawl on the foothills of these mountains. Not to forget the beauty of the plains, where akin to the rich alluvial soil, every flora and fauna washed by the splashing waters of the majestic rivers like Yamuna and Ganga, almost each destination is fairly reputed in this circuit for its cuisines' and sight-seeing.

"Secondly the region is very well connected with the rest of the world", stated Erco Travels agent. Some of the most modern international airports of the country are in this region. Even road network is very well-developed. People are friendly and English speaking so the travellers feel comfortable roaming around on the streets.

Strategically too this region has pla[censored] an important part in shaping the course of India's rich historical and cultural heritage and evolution in over the last 3500 years. Glimpses of this role can be seen in the form of amazing monuments, forts and palaces and sites replete with anecdotes of heroes who laid down their lives fighting for the area.

Erco Travels experience shows that one requires love for travelling, an eye for detail and a heart to enjoy and explore the diversities offered by this region and the rest just falls in place. Nothing that you espy in this circuit is quite like what you expect. Some of the major attractions of the region are:

•The spiritual awakening in the land of Leh and Ladakh

•The beauty of Taj Mahal, the seventh wonder of world

•The Golden Triangle tour covering Jaipur, Agra and Delhi

•A visit to the roar (Tiger) in Corbett and Sariska National Park

•The cool environs of hill stations like Srinagar, Shimla and Kullu Manali to name a few

•The serene environs of the Golden temple

•The adventures of trekking, skiing and mountaineering

•Pushkar festival and the beauty of sprawling Thar desert especially as visible in Jaisalmer

•Surajkund craft fair highlighting the handicrafts of the area

•Rafting, yoga and meditation in Rishikesh and Haridwar

•The Rock garden of Chandigarh built by a single man out of waste

What is interesting about each destination of the region is the similarity in terms of warmth and hospitality, richness of culture and cuisine that never fails to entice the travellers. They constantly seesaw between the mixed emotions of love and loathe and yet never cease to be in awe of the peace and happiness within the apparent chaos. Needless to say travel to this region is an experience that can never be forgotten. Any takers?

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